Unhealthy workers = unhealthy business.

American companies lose billions of dollars each year because of lost productivity due to illness.  But the big surprise?  Most of that isn’t from workers who call in sick; it’s from employees who are sick or chronically unhealthy who do show up to work.  They trudge through the day, but are physically and mentally not able to work to the their full potential.

Understanding what’s at stake.

Knowledge is power.  Roger has developed a tailored presentation to explain what’s causing your employees to be unhealthy.  He will also go in-depth to show you how that is impacting your business,  and how you can start making changes today.

Prevention is the solution.

There is a reason more employers are looking into health and wellness programs.  It pays off!  Roger will advise your company on how to invest in programs that will help your employees get in shape, eat healthier, and stay fit.