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Roger Bense will use his decades of experience to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. More than just a trainer, he will serve as your life coach. He will push you to eat better and exercise smarter.

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Here are three steps for making healthier food choices.

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My goal is the make people “food smart” so that they can begin to plan, prepare, and execute a healthier and more nutritious eating regimen. Food knowledge is smarter, application of food knowledge is healthier!

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What Our Clients Think

Roger, I just wanted to express to you in writing how GREAT I feel.  For 20 years I’ve had terrible back pain and I finally had to make a decision, surgery or exercise.  Thanks to you and the program you have me on , I have no back pain.  Words cannot express my thanks.  Let’s tell everybody!

Roger, many thanks in the rebuilding process…for getting me back on my feet, and back on stage.  Rock on!

I have been a client of Roger Bense for many years.  I willingly refer others that want a personalized wellness and exercise program.  Roger cares deeply about each of his clients, customizing exercise regimens specific to individual goals.

I developed inflammation in my toes, feet, ankles, and knees.  At this point in time, golf was out of the question.  Roger received my problem as if it was his own.  He went out of his way to speak with foot specialists, doctors, and took time researching my symptoms to uncover the problem.


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