The Balanced Diet Myth

(From the Cory Holly CHI Newsletter)  To achieve balance is to achieve equilibrium, stability and harmony. What is meant by a balanced diet? To some it means eating three square meals a day selected equally from the four food groups. CHI states, “A balanced diet provides the correct ratio of fats, carbs and proteins, as they relate to the individual and biochemically unique requirements of each person.”

A “balanced” diet does not include impoverished, refined, damaged or sterile food. A balanced diet must provide optimum quantities of every single essential micronutrient. Balance means in the center, not too much (carbs & fat) and not too little (vitamins & minerals). Dr. Colgan says it best in Chapter One of Optimum Sports Nutrition, “I am writing this book because many of our athletes are not getting the truth about nutrition.”

Is it possible to obtain adequate amounts of essential micronutrients from food alone? No, no way no how, unless your goal is simply to survive with the invasive and expensive support of advanced medical care and prescription drugs! Mere survival is light years away from functional health.

Conventional balanced diets perpetuate the acceptance of hospital diets. If the RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake) of each micronutrient was elevated to its rightful position of Optimum Dosage, no hospital diet anywhere in North America could possibly meet such standards. Hospital dieticians would go out of their minds trying to provide micronutrient quantities without supplementation, fresh juice therapy and the incorporation of super-healing fresh herbs and whole natural food.

Refined, synthetically enriched foods are low in micronutrients, so the Research Councils who design the standards for food must keep their recommendations for vitamins and minerals low. This is the only way that hospital, airline, school cafeteria and nursing home food can be approved, and this is also the chief reason why so many of us are obese and riddled with disease. The corporate mandate is clear. Politics and profit always outweigh preventive medicine, national health care and scientific evidence.

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